Rev-Tech is a convergent, cloud-based solution provider, architected to deliver continuous state-of-the-art Command and Control, Analytics, And Analysis software on demand in a ever growing and evolving cloud environment.

take surveillance
to the next level

IOT Rev-Tech was founded by Brendon Hall the founder of Pentagon Distribution who was one of the pioneers of bringing IP video to the African continent. With the explosion of Data Centre builds happening in Africa; IOT Revolution Technologies was founded to help the security industry leverage off the huge amount of Cloud computing available to augment their surveillance systems.

Customers are adverse to using their capital investment to procure, deploy and maintain expensive hardware on-site, to realise the advantages of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, such as Facial & Licence Plate Recognition.

With the explosion of Data Centre builds happening in Africa, IOT Revolution Technologies was founded to help the security industry leverage off the huge amount of cloud computing available to augment their surveillance systems.

Leveraging off the Cloud, allows customers to choose what services they require “on the fly”, and only pay for what they use, utilising an OPEX model. IT hardware redundancy is no longer an issue, with huge savings made on powering, cooling and provisioning of backup power, providing a true understanding of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our hosting of Advanced Control Room Monitoring Software, using various Cloud Services, allows you the client to take advantage analytics to filter false alarms; store and summarise video, do video object classifications, perform advanced people and vehicle searches and enables one to host advanced AI cameras using the VMS-hosted SaaS. IOT Rev-Tech takes advantage of cutting-edge hosted technologies and helps ‘transform’ integrators into the annuity business.

Why use us?


Established in 2008, IOT Rev-Tech has years’ experience in providing high quality solutions


We are experts in all aspects of video surveillance technology from cameras, to storage and analytics


We provide comprehensive control room monitoring software using advanced cloud and AI technologies

Have Rights
for Africa

We own the distribution rights to provide a range of leading edge surveillance solutions in Africa

Key industry facts to considder

No fixed licensing
to a device

No fixed analytics
to a device

No heavy
maintenance costs


No upgrade costs to keep
up with technology

Large cloud AI based
computing power

Cloud based storage

No Capex costs
for cameras

Key industry facts to considder

One billion
cameras by 2021

According IHS Markit one billion surveillance cameras will be watching around the world in 2021.

94% of workloads handled
by the cloud

Cisco states that by 2021, 94% of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers.

VMS OEM’s are not
practical enough

We believe VMS OEM’s are putting to much emphasis in their feature set without considering practical use.

Data Centres
will be AI driven

Data Centre capacity explosion will be driving AI Engines in the future (Africa will get 700 new Data Centres in the next 10 years).

Cameras will generate > 2,500 petabytes of data daily

INFOWATCH.com estimates show that by the end of 2019, new security cameras will be generating more than 2,500 petabytes of data daily.

Human effort cannot manage data volume alone

The volume of data generated is simply impossible to manage through human effort alone.

One camera for every 29 people
on the planet.

A recent IHS report on the installed base for video surveillance equipment suggested that there was one camera installed for every twenty nine people on the planet.

Rapid rate of cloud
computing growth

ZDNET says that the use of cloud computing services & applications continues to increase at a rapid rate. Current scale as of 2021 is expected to reach 19.5 zettabytes (ZB).